The Play House was a Big Hit

We just finished up our Poulsen Family Backyard Camp Out.  It was a wonderful experience to be with our family and to share a few days of just being together.  For me the highlight of the reunion was our Friday night program.  Our theme was "Our family is a Treasure."   The kids all shared in their talents.  A kick off by the little ones,   "We're all together again, we're here we're here.  (Very cute)  Then we heard from James and Joy singing "I just haven't met you yet."  They were a fun duo.  After that Audrey and Christian sang a song from The Phantom:  "All I ask of you".  Sounded so good.  And of course to me they looked beautiful together as they sang.  James accompanied them.  James  also sang a solo from the Michael Buble book.  I messed it up a bit with the accompaniment.,  but he did a great job!   Andy shared a fun interactive song  (The green grass grows all around all around and the green grass grows all around ) that we all enjoyed singing together as well as a little game of mimicking that ended up pretty comical.     His contribution  got us all together in a silly and crazy way .   Thanks Andy!  Dad sang a song that he wrote for me many years ago.  I love to hear it.  It's called,  "Look into her eyes."  It made me cry.  Then Dad and I sang together, "There is beauty all around when there's love at home."  Everyone joined in.   After that  we opened up our treasures that the children had found that morning in a treasure hunt at the park.   (little envelopes with the names of each member of our family)  We all took turns sharing how the person we got was a treasure to us.  We heard so many wonderful things and were blessed to feel each other's love.   At the end of the evening Audrey showed this video that she had prepared for us.  We all loved it.  Truly my family is a bit of paradise here on earth that I am so grateful for.   Thanks Audrey!  You did a fantastic job!
The time spent together was such a blessing.  We will be posting some more pics as they come in.

It has taken me quite a few years of life to recognize that half the fun comes with the waiting and the anticipation.  I can truthfully say that I am experiencing the joy right now as I look forward to this week of time with my sweetheart and my family, experiencing for the first time: "The Poulsen Family Backyard Campout."   Destined to be a Hit!    I hope?  ...  and a Family Tradition as well.    I have kept myself very busy in getting prepared and now I hope that I am ready for everyone to be here.    As I look at the week ahead and the possibilities of success,   I think it's all about the children.      (I don't know how really excited the adults are about sleeping on the ground when a house is right in sight).   Mike our neighbor next door sold me on this idea when he told me about his family doing it last Year.  They have it on their calendar again for this summer as well.  He was quite convincing and the signs of their family coming and going seemed to reflect a positive result.   Of course Kaylma and Warren brought their family here a couple of weeks ago and had a fabulous time;   so now, it's Our Turn.    The kids I'm sure will love the playhouse, and my fun surprise that I won't mention now,  going to the water park,  being together with cousins and Grandpa and Grandma of course,  and all the other fun stuff we have on our schedule,  not to mention the food; (since food is more of an adult draw.)    Dad and I will be sitting back,   or rather buzzing around keeping things going, all the while savoring every fun moment of being together.     So,  I'm up for the gathering!     My heart is pounding a little faster,  my mind is whirling as I try to pull together all the last minute details,  and most of all, I can't wait to see Seth tomorrow.   Three Cheers for  Happy Days Ahead......!!

Audrey's family,  Seth and I and Christian were able to go up to the Prescott area and camp out on Mingus Mountain on Saturday over Memorial Day weekend.  It was Seth's birthday on the 30th so it was a real treat to be together with Seth.   We came back in on Sunday to stay at the Sextons.  We had a great time.  We missed Frank and Sara and the gang and our little James though.

The kids really enjoyed the Sextons backyard.  They loved all the room
for running around and the swings.   We all felt so comfortable in the backyard.
We might be rednecks

Andy found the Chino Valley area to be very liberating.  His inner Elvis just came
oozing out.  Lauren of course was saying inside "yeh I know my Dad's crazy1"

Little Sterling really enjoyed the tire swing
Seth really enjoyed being with the kids.  It was his Birthday
weekend.  He is such a special and important part
of our lives.  

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